Better therapy for Parkinson's disease

Our mission

MaavRx (pronounced “mav-rix”) is dedicated to developing a better therapy for Patients with parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the second commonest neuro-degenerative disease. It affects 5-8 million people worldwide. One person out of every 37 will be affected by PD during their life time. The incidence is increasing.

There is no cure but the classical  symptoms – difficulty with movement (tremors, rigidity, slow movement, slurred speech and falling) can be managed. 

Treatment with oral L-DOPA was developed nearly 50 years ago and remains the “gold standard”. Almost all patients with Parkinson’s disease eventually require oral L-DOPA. For the first few years, it is highly effective and usually well tolerated. However, with longer use the efficacy of oral L-DOPA becomes erratic and unpredicatable and patients develop L-DOPA induced abnormal movements (dyskinesia). After 5 years of treatment 50% of patients treated with oral L-DOPA will have developed dyskinesia and will experience reduced control of their symptoms and progressive disability.

MaavRx believes it can develop a better option for patients with Parkinson’s disease. MaavRx is developing a gene therapy to give long-term, better control of the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Our mission is to deliver a treatment which is only administered once but provides life-long improvement of movement at a much reduced risk of the complications of current therapy.

We have preclinical evidence that this can be achieved. We have gained agreement from the US Food and Drug Administration for our development strategy. We believe our product has commerical “block-buster” potential. But – most important – we believe that we can improve the future for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Please consider supporting us on our mission.

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